Red FlipTacToe

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Flip Tac Toe is a fun game for all indoor or outdoor gatherings. Use your existing beverages with our board to entertain your guests. Great for birthdays and tailgates. Makes a unique gift.

Game 1:

  • Player 1 gets 4 beverages
  • Player 2 gets 5 different beverages.
  • Alternatively use silicone bottle toppers (sold separately) to mark your bottles
  • Players 1 and 2 alternate placing bottles to get 3 in a row.

Game 2: (plastic bottles only)

  • Fill at least 3 bottles per player 1/3rd full of water
  • Affix cap tightly. Use a silicone bottle topper (sold separately) or other mark to distinguish bottles
  • Players alternate Flipping Bottles into the holes trying to get 3 in a row.

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