The World's Most Flexible Cell Phone & Tablet Stand.

Go Hands-Free with iFLEX!
With hundreds of 5-star reviews, the iFLEX® let's you go "HANDS FREE" with your phone and tablet as you relax, work or travel. These flexible holders can be bent, curled and folded into any shape to securely hold all your devices. iFLEX works for everyone, everywhere!

Product Features:

  • Flexible & Lightweight: Bend, fold, and curl into any shape you need. Weighs just 6 oz.
  • Go Hands-Free: Enjoy your cell phone or tablet from the perfect viewing angle in your most comfortable position.
  • High-Grip Surface: Devices won't slip off or get scratched
  • Convenience On-the-Go: Take it anywhere - car, gym, office, flight, living room, bedroom, etc.
  • Safe & Secure: Made from waterproof, washable, and food-grade silicone.

iFLEX is sure to become your family's flexible little helper!

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