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We put this bag to the test about space as we took our toddler to soccer training and in the bag we were able to fit his boots, water bottle, soccer kit, and change of clothes and our basic items like, phones and keys and still found we had plenty of room for more items. This is why we feel as a family that this bag is a must have piece of kit for any soccer fan or sports fans out there. We feel that this bag isn’t just a sports bag; it’s a multi-purpose bag which can be used for many different things for both adults and children

This is a great quality and an amazing item and it’s even better because all the family love it so it’s a massive thumbs up from us

What’s Good To Do-


We love this soccer backpack. Not only is it fun and eye catching, it is extremely practical

It would make a great present for a sports mad child. The shell is made out of combination of EVA foam and material, which means it holds its shape and is easy to wipe clean (which from personal experience is essential!). There is plenty of space inside and handy pockets to hold smaller items securely

Perfect for days out, the school run or to transport the child's soccer kit

LittleBig Sports-

Both of my boys love sports, especially soccer

They both either scooter or walk to and from school and if they are taking the scooter then they really need a backpack for their school things (books, pencil case, PE kit etc) and this is where these fab Sportpax come in

There has been no chance of someone picking up their bag by mistake  

My son took his bag to a sleepover and everything he needed fitted well inside and he came home with everything he went with! The additional hoop handle at the top of the bag is really padded and a great size for holding the Sportpax or hooking it over a peg perfect for school

The Mad House-

I think they look fab don't they and so much more fun then your typical backpack! Both monkeys needed the adjustable straps tightening which was very simple to do. The thick padded shoulder straps seems comfortable for both of them

Nice and spacious with room for whatever you chose, pen and pencil holders, a phone pocket, zipped pocket and more. Of course my two don't use a phone but this Sportpax would also suit older kids who do

The Sportpax seems very well made and durable with the logo embroidered into the back of it too. It would seem it's been made with comfort and style in mind, a real plus for me

My Monkeys Don’t Sit Still-