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  • SnapDolls is the simple, snap-on doll, clothing and accessory play world your child can take anywhere: from bedroom to back yard to car seat. Beautiful, charming and durably made, these cloth dolls will fast become your child’s best friends.
  • Snap dolls take paper and magnet dolls to the next level. Clothes, hair bows and accessories snap on and off easily for costume changes but also attach securely for play time.
  • Each snap doll "paper" doll set includes the base doll, 3 dresses and 8 accessories. Dresses and accessories are interchangeable between the dolls.
  • Kate is the kind of girl who loves to bake with mom, help grandma quilt, and make her own holiday decorations. When she grows up she wants to start a bakery and make the world's best doughnuts.

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